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My Favourite Iceland Hot Springs

There are LOADS of Hot Springs all over Iceland! I found it so hard to pick, so I've made this article with a map showing good hot pots to access from the ring road, and some in the Westfjords which I included in my ring road itinerary. Most are free, but there are few that cost money like the Blue Lagoon.

Blue= I've visited myself Pink= Close to the ring road, but I haven't personally visited

Top 11 Hot Pots

(These are the ones I visited myself)

  1. Blue Lagoon

Such a famous tourist spot in Iceland, it is very well organised and commercial but beautiful.

We paid ISK5990 (£33) each which includes a drink and a mudmask! We got a great deal because of COVID, but usually it is more like £60 per person.

I thought it was worth it for the price, but if I had paid £60 and it was as busy as it usually is I wouldn't have thought it was worth it personally! Very close to the airport, so consider going at the beginning/end of your trip.

2. Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River

A great spot, I visited in the winter and had the place to myself! It was plenty warm enough to swim there in the the snow too. It's close to Reykjavik and the ring road.

It's about an hour to 1.5 hours hike from the car park each way, across the bridge pictured below.

This spot is FREE, has little wooden fences to change behind and no shelter so be prepared.

3. The Secret Lagoon (Gamla Laugin)

I went to this spot on my first trip to Iceland where I stayed only for a day! It cost about £20 and was definitely worth a visit. It's more natural-looking than the blue lagoon and less busy, it has a small cafe and changing facilities.

Close to the golden circle, so can be visited as part of golden circle or as part of the a ringroad trip.

4. Seljavallalaug

One of the oldest hot pools in Iceland, this is a full swimming pool and changing room found in a valley in the mountains! The hot water is pumped into the pool and it is cleaned once a season so be warned there can be a lot of algae.

A 20 mins walk each way from the car park (which is up a very bumpy road that you wouldn't expect), the pool is hiding round a corner. Despite, the algae and gross changing rooms, definitely worth the visit for the amazing location! It is warm, but not super hot. Totally FREE. Close to the town of Vik and very close to the ring road!

5. Djupavogskorin

One of my favourite hot pools I visited, this is a very clean metal tub that is lovely and warm, with amazing views of the sea and mountains.. Right by the main ring road close to the small town of Djupivogur.

We found the parking a bit steep for our little hire car, so we parked on the opposite side of the road further towards Hofn where there a small gravel pull-in that was flat.

You can't see the tub from the road as it is behind a small hill but you can see the car park and it is very close. No changing facilities just a small deck and a standing rail to hang clothes/towels on. FREE.

6. Bjarnarfjodur

This is two natural heated pools, one surrounded by rocks that is hotter and a heart shaped one with a small stone in the middle that is much cooler. They are found right by the hotel swimming pool (heated and included in the price, but we didn't try it).

Go into the hotel and pay the ISK600 (£3), then they will tell you where the pools are, and let you use the swimming pool changing and showering area. There is also a small blessed hot spring to the right of the swimming pool changing rooms that you aren't able to swim in so don't get confused and go in that one!

We headed here as we were staying at Drangsnes and the hot pots were closed due to COVID. A good spot if visiting the Westfjords.

7. Horgshiltharlaug

My other joint-favourite hot spring! A cute farmer's hot pot with a changing room, up a gravel track off the road on the way to Isafjordur.

It's a great temperature with amazing views right out to the fjord.

Another FREE spot! There is one large and very hot heated pool, a small heated rock pool on the beach, and the sea is right below for a quick dip to cool off (I did this and can definitely recommend!)

8. Reykjafjardarlaug

Great spot to stop at on the way to the red sand beach and beached ship, or even from the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

There is a double heated bright blue swimming pool, one side hotter than the other, overlooking the fjord (almost like an infinity pool).

There is also a more natural stony pool that is above the blue pool that is warmer. There are gendered changing rooms and a toilet too! FREE! Close to sea for a dip too, but my attempt was cut short after some birds started dive bombing my head!

9. Hellalaug

We camped just opposite, so this pool in the rocks was perfect! Lovely temperature and right by the sea. A very romantic spot (we definitely interrupted a couples private moment!).

Has a well-signed car park, but no changing facilities. FREE!

10. Guðrúnarlaug hot spring

It was so wet and a quick stop on the way to Reykjavik, so I didn't take a picture of this one! But I did really love it, it was a cute little pool with a traditional changing hut. Here is a picture from guide to Iceland.

11. Landbrotalaug Hot Springs

Another spot I visited in the winter. Difficult to find on a snowy, dark night as you have to cross the shallow part of a pond. But a beautiful, peaceful spot with mountains in the background. Small but deep, great for couples as it's tiny.

There is also a larger, colder pool nearby but I could't find it in the dark. But here is a picture from go Iceland of the spot in the day time.

Other Hot Springs close to the ring road

1. Hoffell Hot Tubs- Hot Tubs in the cliff just outside Hofn. ISK500 (£2.70)

2. Myvatn Nature Baths- The Blue Lagoon of the North.ISK5500 (£31)

3. Fosslaug- Large pool near river and waterfall. No changing facilities. FREE

4. Drangnes Hot Pots- We went here but sadly they had been drained and closed for COVID. Hot tubs right by the sea looking out onto the fjord with changing room behind.FREE

5. Heydalur- heated indoor pool in hotel greenhouse, outdoor rocky hot pot (pay for both in hotel) and smaller hot pot in the field behind (FREE)

6. Pollurinn- 3 concrete blue-painted pools here, changing facilities. FREE.

7. Krosslaug, Birkimelur- Swimming pool and natural pool by the sea, with changing rooms. ISK700 (£4)

8. Krosslaug, Englandshver- Tiny hot pot and hot river, small walk from car park over red pipe bridge. FREE

9. Nautholsvik- Hot pools on the beach, with refreshments and changing area. FREE, cost for lockers.


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