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Van Plan 3-Flooring

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

This is my third blog post where I talk about my DIY Citreon Berlingo Mini Campervan conversion! In this article I focus on fitting flooring into my mini camper.

So I loved the set up last time I went away. But if I'm going to stay in the campervan for 6 months (or longer!) then I figured I needed to make it more home-like. I've also just rehomed a lovely doggie who I'll be taking on my adventures, so I definitely need to make the van easy to clean!

Cuddling with my new greyhound Maze.

The main thing I wanted to do was to fit flooring into the Berlingo. Initially I thought vinyl flooring, as it would be easy to cut and fit in the weird shaped floor.

However, I couldn't seem to find any for a bargain price, and managed to find some laminate flooring for free online, so changed my mind.

I started by putting the foot well storage in that I already had and emptying out everything except the shelves.

Then once I'd collected the laminate flooring, I tried slotting all the pieces together including some of the offcuts.

The flooring offcuts in the campervan conversion with the new curtains.

Next, I measured up the length for the shorter section, and cut some full-length sections of laminate to reach just below the plastic casing at the bottom of the boot. I used a terrifying electric saw, which took some getting used to, but I did it!

I measured around the sides near the sliding doors, and cut some pieces that slotted in. This was difficult as they were weird shaped, and I needed to allow space for the tongue and grooves on the adjacent pieces of flooring.

I added a spare baton of wood right along the bottom to neaten up the join with the plastic. The sides were cut to fill the space, so once the baton at the bottom was fixed with nails hooked under the plastic, the flooring was secure.

Next, I wanted to cover up the dirty ceiling in the campervan and make it look more homely. I used an old sheet I had, which I pinned to the carpeted ceiling using thumb tacks. Later I'll be adding fairy lights up there too to make my DIY Berlingo campervan feel more like home.

Then I decided I wanted a dividing curtain from the cab to make the back feel more separated, and some curtains for the back window.

I decided to fix them to telescopic shower rails, as they're quite sturdy and can fill any sized space. The white one I already had, but I bought a smaller black one for the back curtains from Ebay.

The curtains themselves were an old red bed sheet I cut in two and tacked on top to include the pole, and a multicolour tapestry given to me by a friend's mum.

The updated Berlingo campervan conversion with flooring!

Total spend so far- £153.64- Pole £4.99 from Ebay.


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