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Why Wild Camping is WAY better than a Campsite

I just got back from an amazing trip around Devon and Cornwall in my DIY Campervan Conversion.

I only spent one night in a campsite, which was my least favourite night of the trip, despite having toilets, showers and electric hook-up.

For those of you who haven't wild camped in your Campervan before you might think I'm crazy!

But I'm here to tell you why once you try it, you'll never want to stay at a site again!

(Ok maybe you will occasionally, but trust me you'll love it!)

So let me tell you Why Wild Camping is WAY better than a Campsite:

  • It's Free

With campsites getting more and more expensive, and some charging as much as £40 a night, staying at a campsite isn't always the budget option it used to be when I was growing up.

So one of the biggest benefits of wild camping in your Camper is that it's Totally Free!!

And with a saving of up to £40 a night, plus extra for Dogs, Hook-Up and extra people, the money soon adds up!

  • The Views

Campsites can be pretty nice, but there's not many with views to rival the places you can park up at.

Whether you love a sea view, panorama of the moors, or a birds-eye perspective of the countryside, you can find a spot to suit your taste.

There's nothing better than pulling back your curtains to reveal nature in all its glory.

  • You're often by yourself

With so much flexibility, you're not limited to campsites filled with other campers; the noise of babies crying, late-night music, and groups chatting until the small hours will be a distant memory.

Peace and quiet definitely makes for a good night's sleep!

  • It's more of an adventure

You've got to find your own spot- much more exciting than choosing from a list of campsites!

Apps like Park4Night can help you find a good spot, or you can explore and find your own.

Either way, you'll often travel along back roads and even gravel tracks to get to some of the most secluded spots.

This spot by a ruined castle in Cornwall involved a 10minute drive down a gravel track filled with potholes as the sun was setting. Much more of an adventure than pulling up at the campsite reception!

  • You can arrive and leave whenever you want

None of that "no arrivals after 11" rubbish. And if you want to stay until 3pm the next day? Guess what, you can!

You don't have to fit your schedule around someone else's rules, so you can explore as late or as early as you like! Want to get up and make breakfast at 5am (I know I'm mad!), then you can!

  • More choice of where to go

There's no campsite where you want to stay? Don't worry about it! You can find a suitable spot and park up nearby instead!

Spend a night right on the seafront, or in the middle of a city if you want! The possibilities are limitless!

  • You can always take your furry friend!

Last but definitely not least, you don't need to worry if dogs are allowed.

Many campsites don't accept certain breeds of dogs, or dogs at all!

There's no-one to stop your whole family staying the night, two and four-legged members alike!

As with any wild camping, be sensible.

DON'T park where there are signs telling you not to.

DON'T block entrances, farms, or gates.

DON'T litter or cause a mess! Take your rubbish home with you.

I hope you've enjoyed my article, and maybe I've convinced you to give wild camping a try!

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